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Working out has now been something I do regularly. Yeah, I know. Me? Regular workouts? Well, it’s happening people!
Being active is something super important to me but yeah, recently, I started working out almost every single day. One thing created a slight issue with me though. Workout clothes.

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Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

Here’s a little story for you.. A few days ago I went to a yoga class, the first one I’ve been to after a long time of not really attending any yoga classes. My intention was to go for the stretching/physical side of it as I was working out super hard and thought it would be beneficial.

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TWO Super Easy Healthy Parfaits

Parfaits are the most versatile food you can have/make. It can be a great breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dessert… you name it! Here are two recipes for parfaits that can work for any of your sweet cravings without feeling guilty afterwards.

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TWO Ginger Go-To Drinks You’ll Thank Me For Later

Whether I’m super lazy in the morning or dead on the couch after a big meal, one ingredient seems to work well for me to regain that energy and that is ginger!

Honestly, it wasn’t a favorite ingredient of mine until it proved its worth. And now, it’s a favorite!

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Reflections and Life Lessons

Do Something That Makes Someone Else Happy

If you have the opportunity to make someone happy, go for it!

You guys know me. I love art and I love positivity. Whenever I get the chance, I always like to spread that energy. While I’ve done many things in the past that made me, and others, happy, what took place last Tuesday was by far my favorite.

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Sustainable Reusable Bags :)

By now you should all know that I’m turning into a sustainable /eco friendly tree hugger.. hence my new blog: TreeHuggingEnthusiast. I started that blog to raise awareness and to show people that you can still live meaningful fun lives without doing it at the expense of the environment. So even though I have a blog dedicated just for that, I’ll share a few bags you can switch to/get to make life more green 🙂

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