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Sustainable Sundays: 10 Sustainable Finds For Home & Kitchen

You all know how I’m an advocate for zero waste and I try as much as I can to be sustainable in my everyday life. Many people had commented before and got through to me through Instagram and Facebook and asked for examples on how to be sustainable. So I dedicate thing blog post to you guys and to those that want to know what they can do.

The people that asked me are those who follow my blog. So if you don’t follow my blog, you can read the blog posts under the category “Sustainable Sundays” to know more tips and tricks on how to be sustainable. This blog post is geared towards the products that I have come across that actually help you become sustainable.

Being sustainable means that you do things in a way that won’t harm you, those around you, the environment and anything that might harm anything in the future. You want to recycle and reuse as much as you can. Don’t buy or get things that won’t stay with you for a long time. Get things that will endure a lot and things that won’t harm you (certain plastics for example).

Here is today’s list of things I found to be useful for your everyday life that won’t harm you or anyone else. A lot of these items are made from bamboo because it is super eco friendly, biodegradable, organic and natural and it’s grown without the use of any chemicals. So a big thumbs up for bamboo products.

All these items can be found on Amazon and I’ve included the link so that you don’t have to waste time trying to search for them.

  • Bamboo Towels. These towels can be used like your paper towels and they can also be reused. We all, at one point in time, have gotten paper towels and we use them for pretty much everything. We use so much and because they rip easily we throw them away. These bamboo towels can be reused. Imagine all the paper waste you just saved :’)

    Amazon link:


  • Abeego Wraps. These basically replace saran wrap. You can cover and wrap just about anything with them. They’re made from beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil, hemp, and organic cotton. The best thing about these is that you can REUSE them! Just rinse/clean them and you’re good to go. How awesome is that?! They come in many sizes so choose what you want.

    Amazon link:


  • Scrub Sponges. Check the label before you buy your “sponges” because a lot of them are actually made out of plastic, believe it or not. This plastic is not good when you’re rubbing it all over your plates and utensils and then putting food on there.

    Amazon link:

  • Toilet Cleaner. Toilets are a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. You want it super clean so you end up getting some weird strong chemical to keep that bowl spotless. In the process of doing/using that, you’re actually spreading harmful fumes around you; not good for your lungs. The other harm that does is that because it’s in the toilet bowl, it gets flushed with everything else. Can you imagine the amount of chemicals in large bodies of water (or wherever the drain system ends up)? Help keep it natural and use cleaners that don’t have chemicals in them. I don’t have a particular brand that I prefer so here’s a list to choose from on amazon.

    Amazon link:


  • Bamboo Toothbrush. Bamboo is eco friendly and natural so that means it’s biodegradable. The bristles are not a cheap plastic. They’re nylon and BPA free so it’s okay to put in your mouth. These toothbrushes even have plant based packaging which is pretty cool since most products have plastic packaging and we end up throwing them away without proper recycling.

    Amazon link:


  • Bamboo Straws. Smoothies and juices are something this household does not ever run out of. I’m sure I’m not alone. When you make any drink for yourself or even your kids, try not getting plastic straws. They’re not good for you or the environment and you end up throwing them after the first usage. Get bamboo straws instead. They’re natural, organic, eco friendly AND reusable!

    Amazon link:


  • Mesh Produce Bags. So there’s a lot of debate about mesh bags but they’re sustainable. These ones were made in a facility that is free from any chemicals. You can also wash these bags and reuse them instead of wasting so many plastic bags at the grocery store and throwing them away once you get home.

    Amazon link:


  • Compost Keeper. We all tend to throw away the ends of vegetables or egg shells and the vegetable/fruit peels. Of course there is more stuff that we throw away that is biodegradable but we get rid of them in ways where no one can benefit from them. Instead, you could get one of these compost keepers and get rid of the bits and peels in there. When it’s full, use it for your garden compost. You’ll have organic compost for organic grass or whatever you’re growing.

    Amazon link:


  • Bamboo Kitchen Utensils. Utensils are probably the most important part in any kitchen. A lot of us tend to go for silicone or plastic utensils because we don’t want to ruin and scratch our pans, pots, bowls, etc. If you’re cooking with these plastic utensils, most probably they will start melting bit by bit and they’re actually somewhere in your body right now. They melt in your food and you eat it. Go for the bamboo alternative. They won’t scratch anything and they won’t melt in your food. I included the list and not a specific one because there are many different packs to choose from.

    Amazon link:


  • Bamboo Cutting Boards. Do I really need to tell you why these bamboo cutting boards are better than the other plastic ones? I think by now you’re tired of reading how great bamboo based products are awesome for being sustainable; so I’ll just leave you with the link.

    Amazon link:


Good luck with being sustainable! I know it’s not the easiest or the cheapest but it’s always better for you and everyone/everything around you.

Feel free to comment with more sustainable products to use around the house 🙂


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