Active/Travel Tuesdays: My St. John Travel Reviews (Pt. 3)– Tips n’ Stuff

Part 3 and the final part to my St. John, VI, travel reviews! The previous parts were talking about the beaches, food and accommodation; today is all about the tips I can give you to really enjoy your time over there. Some of these tips you can actually apply anywhere you travel 🙂

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Active/Travel Tuesdays: Active Tuesdays: My St. John Travel Reviews (Pt. 2) – Food & Accommodation

After the St. John beaches reviews in a previous blog post, I thought I’d continue and talk about the food/accommodation there. St. John is mainly a national park that occupies more than half of the island. The rest of the island is made up of beaches, gift shops and shacks, places to drink/restaurants and some homes up on the hills with a few companies here and there.

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Active/Travel Tuesdays: My St. John Travel Reviews (Pt. 1) – Beaches

So I’m not deeming myself as a travel guru or anything but recently I’ve been asked by numerous people to recommend places to go and things to do in certain places that I’ve traveled to. I’ll start with my latest travel: the beautiful island of St. John, USVI. There’s so much to be said so I’ll break it down into categories; the first would be the beautiful beaches.

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Active Tuesdays: Cycling🚴🏼‍♀️

As you all know from my previous blog post about making sure that you have to break it sweat every single day that I have chosen to start cycling as a way to make sure that I break a sweat. I still do not have an actual bicycle or bike so that I could cycle outside but I am working hard on getting that going. Until that happens I’ll be cycling at the gym and I suggest that you do the same if you do not have a bicycle or you cannot cycle outside.

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Active Tuesdays: Breaking a sweat

Breaking a sweat, ugh nasty, right? No.

You all know how I’ve been trying to be healthy and active for at least the past 3 years now. It all worked but then I reached a plateau and I couldn’t go under a certain weight. I tried everything, working out every now and then, eating healthy, eating clean, etc. Today, I finally broke that 120lb mark and it was all because I made it a point to break a sweat everyday!

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