Artsy Wednesdays: Mandala Painting

Mandalas have been a trend for quite some time now. There are coloring books and textiles with all sorts of mandalas,..there are even apps that allow you to make your own mandalas without having to repeat each motif. I’m pretty old school and I love painting, or drawing, my mandalas because there’s something soothing about it.

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Artsy Wednesdays: Teach Yourself New Skills

Today I was at an event and there is a lot that I realized in those few hours. You all know I love working with my hands. I’ve created my PRNTS n PATTERNS business because of the amount of things that I taught myself and made. It was getting to the point where I really didn’t have any space to store everything and that was when I made my company. I’m not trying to advertise my company (well, maybe just a little) but what I’m really trying to get at is that you should teach yourself new skills and do something with it; you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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Artsy Wednesdays: Live and Capture Life ✌️

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. The reason why I didn’t blog yesterday was because today’s blog is a combination of both activeness and art!

Everywhere I go I need any sort of camera with me. I used to try and not resort to my phone camera but with technology being awesome, the phone cameras are starting so somehow substitute your DSLRs and other cameras; especially if you’re very overprotective with your DSLR when you’re out on an adventure.

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Artsy Wednesdays: Craft Area

I have posted about my craft area and a lot of people wanted to know the details, so here it is 😉

You all know that I love working with my hands, and I really think everyone should be doing that!

When I first came here, my husband and I bought two desks that were really cool at the time. You could adjust the surface/desk top to come upright and that would be perfect for drawing and sketching. Little by little that desk top no longer moved because I managed to put EVERYTHING on it. A Cricut, a sewing machine, a big metal cup of tools, a box of God knows what.. That desk morphed into a storage place and I was not pleased with that; especially that I found myself talking everything and working in the living room and that, my friends, is NOT a good thing. I ended up creating a mess in two different rooms now. This had to end.

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