Foodie Mondays: OurLifeThroughFood

Ahh.. food. 

This is a pretty short post to get us back on track 😉

My grandfather (may he Rest In Peace) always repeated the phrase “I eat to live, not live to eat” when he’d see me stuff my face with all kinds of delicious goodness. 

I never really had a limit to how much I could eat since I discovered I have high metabolism. Food is a big part of my life. Whether it’s cooking at home or ordering/eating out, I ❤ food. 

I’m sure I have a lot of people with me on this one. Yes, I do agree with my grandfather and I try as much as possible to find a balance, but hey, when there’s a giant macha green tea macaroon filled with raspberry ice cream or a nice giant double fudge chocolate chip peanut butter cookie, I’ll be first in line! 

Life isn’t just about only working or only playing or only praying even. Life is about balance. Do good in this life for the hereafter but don’t forget to enjoy this earthly life too; nothing wrong with that. You see a nice juicy burger..go eat it! A bright healthy green smoothie.. go drink it! Don’t go crazy with the burgers though, unless they’re healthy ones hehe. You gotta take care of your body as well 😉

(Disclaimer: please don’t take my words as encouragement to forget all your responsibilities and go wild) 

Oh, and if you like these pictures, follow @ourlifethroughfood on Instagram to get posts about food we (hubby and I) cook with their recipes as well as food we get from anywhere else with some reviews. 

Enjoy that burger 😉

I’d like to end this by apologizing for not posting anything recently. It’s been crazy busy but I’m back 😉 


Foodie Mondays: French Macaron Recipe!

I finally decided to share the macaron recipe I use because I have struggled a lot with it but I found the perfect one that will never go wrong (unless you do something drastically abnormal with the recipe). Before I start, I want to make sure you know the type of macaron I’m talking about; It’s the almond flour based macaron and not the coconut shaving one. The coconut shaving one is pronounced just like it’s written: macaroon, this one is a french macaron; there’s no ooooo at the end.

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Foodie Mondays: Atayef (or Qatayef) Recipe

There are certain desserts and drinks that come out on during the holidays. Why? I have no idea. I’d much rather have all this goodness everyday but because we’re “health-conscious” I’ll just thank God they only appear once a year 😛 During Ramadan there are MANY different desserts that are taken to the next level with people’s creativity. I, personally, like to stick to classics.

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Foodie Mondays: Bread Loaf Recipe That’ll Last A LONG Time; Unless You Eat It All In One Sitting Because Of How Good It Is :P

The blog title says it all. A few days ago I got a stand-mixer because I realized that I make a ton of bread at home and many other baked goods. My hands are about to fall off because of all the kneading so a transition from manual labor to a stand mixer was due. Baked doughnuts, cookies, meringues are among the lovely things baked here but bread is definitely a constant.

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Foodie Mondays: Fooducate Yourself

It is of no surprise that I absolutely love food. Yes, you eat to live not live to eat but come on, you have to enjoy what you eat. My way of enjoying food is knowing a lot about the food and the ingredients first. Other than knowing if the food ingredients were canned and cooked in a weird suspicious fishy manner or not, I like finding out more about the recipes I’m about to try out. I feel that that is a way to get to know cultures. You’d be surprised at the amount of similarities you’ll find between cultures just from cooking.

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