Sustainable Sundays: 10 Sustainable Finds For Home & Kitchen

You all know how I’m an advocate for zero waste and I try as much as I can to be sustainable in my everyday life. Many people had commented before and got through to me through Instagram and Facebook and asked for examples on how to be sustainable. So I dedicate thing blog post to you guys and to those that want to know what they can do.

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Sustainable Sundays: Benefits of Baking Bread at Home (bonus recipe included)

You might think this post belongs to Foodie Mondays but I’m actually focusing more on the sustainable aspect rather than the food itself, but of course I won’t leave you without giving you a recipe 😉 Being sustainable is ultimately being balanced and having resources continue in your lifetime as well as the lifetime of those who’ll come after us. One of the main things I love to do is just making everything at home. I’ve mentioned it before in a few blog posts so you might be tired of me saying it, but it’s true.

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Sustainable Sundays: What To Do With Water?

I’m one of those people that will give you a dirty look and hand give you back your trash if you throw it on the floor or pretend like it “fell” and you didn’t notice. I’m also one of those people that will turn off the running water when you’re brushing your teeth. As annoying as it may be, I never regret doing that and more. We need to care for this earth and we need to start with ourselves. We often feel like we have the right to do what we want with water because we pay for it. This is absolute backward thinking.

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Sustainable Sundays: Minimalist Living

The usual Sustainable Sundays post is about a tip or trick that I have learned that helps me become more sustainable in my living and I share it with everyone. Today I decided to write about minimalist living because that is somewhat the direction of lifestyle we’re moving in.

A lot of people confuse being a minimalist with being cheap; it actually has nothing to do with cost/prices. Being a minimalist is basically thinking of what you NEED as opposed to what you WANT. You start valuing yourself and putting yourself first in terms of your needs.

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Sustainable Sundays/Foodie Mondays: Super Quick and Easy No-Bake Go-To Dessert Right In Your Pantry

If you’ve been following up with my Instagram you might have notice that I’ve been really into baking these days as well as making all sorts of dessert!

Today I was really in the mood for something chocolaty but not so sweet. I hardly had anything at home and didn’t feel like going out in the rain to get more stuff just because I feel like having a chocolate dish. So I rummaged in the cupboards and found one pack of graham crackers (hardly enough for a big dessert for guests) and instant chocolate and caramel pudding mix; hence this being sustainable. You don’t have to spend more money or energy in cooking/baking.

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